A Musical Trip to Brunei


It’s been awhile since I was here but I took an opportunity to record something musical with an old friend of mine when I was on a trip to visit her in Brunei. It’s great to be able to play friends who can keep up with you.

A wonderful four-hand jazz piano piece, Over the Rainbow that was arranged by yours truly. I had arranged this piece a few years back to perform with a student for a Piano Duet Festival in Penang.

Since it’s been quite sometime that we did something fun, we had to do a fun and simple piece to remember by.


With more time, I hope to update on something interesting later on.

That’s all for now.

My Patreon Campaign is Up!


My road to social media-dom is not easy. Work and play finds it hard to balance at times and lately I’ve been¬† really preoccupied with things that doesn’t allow me to do what I want but we find time for the things we love, don’t we?

I finally uploaded my Patreon campaign video and boy is it tough!

I’m quite camera shy and speaking and looking at a video recording is really, really hard for me! And here I am, a teacher who speaks to a class of 25. It’s totally different when you’re speaking to the world, ya know?!

Well, there’s always a first time to every thing and hope this campaign goes well!

Please do check out my Patreon Page and be my patron if you’d like: Cherylynmusic @ Patreon

It’s A Beautiful House (Video)


A few weeks back, I had a lesson on changing the lyrics of a song for Grade 1. As they will be using the same song for their summative assessment, I have created this video for their benefit and hopefully their parents are kind enough to show them the video and help their kids practise this song.

The original sound track came from this youtube site.

In this age of technology, I find it so useful as a music teacher to obtain instrumental or karaoke tracks from the internet.¬† It helps me to recreate songs for class purposes. I think it’s very important that we have all the tools we need to make a class work.

I recorded the new sound track with my ipad on the Garage Band app. I’m glad to have invested such a good device and good app since my university days. It is very handy.