Adonai / Lead Sheet/ Paul Wilbur


Available in G minor and A minor

Pdf: adonai



Kyrie Eleison Piano Cover/Chris Tomlin


I found some time to do this and I was playing with some of the equipment that I have at home. It can be tough doing a video with a tight budget but I make do with what I can.

The lighting has to be improved and the sound quality…… Let’s just say I know there’s a lot to work on. XD

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it and please support me at my Patreon page.

If you want the lead sheet I used, here it is.

Thanks for your time!

Lead sheet: Lead Me to the Cross/Hillsong United


Music and Words by Brooke Ligertwood

I find it interesting that the female lead singer  for this song happens to sing very hazy, smoky songs like these. Another good example will be Oceans (Where Feet May Fall).

The song is recorded in B Minor and I have provided other useful keys like C, G and A minor:  lead-me-to-the-cross_keys


As the year is ending, my productivity is getting slow but for good reasons! I have found new ambition and pray as I might that it is God’s will that I’m carrying what He desires for me. Hope to share news in the near future.




Lead sheet: 阿爸天父 (Abba Father)


I asked a good friend of mine to recommend some Mandarin praise and worship songs and she said this song is a very popular one.

It was quite challenging creating this transcription since it involves another language. It might interest non-native speakers to try singing this song since I also included the intonation or what is also known as hanyupinyin.

Download: abba-father