About Cherylyn


Cherylyn lived and breathed music ever since she could remember. She has always wanted to be a stage performer but opportunities like that were little when she was young.

She started learning the piano at the tender age of 6 and for the longest time she was taught by Ms Ong Li Li. At the age of 19, she had to make a very important of choosing her career path through her 1st degree education. She almost did not get to study her beloved Music subject but bless her parent’s heart, she was allowed to pursue it full time.

She enjoyed her life in the city island of Penang from 2010-2013 where she took up her first degree in Music Performance & Pedagogy at the University of Science Malaysia(USM). Through personal initiatives, she was also able to study Jazz Piano under the tutelage of Assoc. Prof. Razif Mohd aka Jeep. The cultural and performing arts scene in Penang was and still very vibrant and that inspired her in many ways.

However, life is not always rosy. Performing is not really her thing after all. Solo performance scares her like how dogs chase you when you’re riding a bike. She decided that she will go into the education field and she started out her career teaching music as a specialist in an international school on that island where she stayed for another 3 years. During that time, she obtained a professional diploma in teaching and learning (CIDTT – Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers) to support her career. With inspiring colleagues and personal initiative to succeed, she now loves to teach music to children and teenagers.

After spending so much time on the island, it was time to go back to her hometown of Klang and the big city life in 2016 and she continued to teach in another international school. Meanwhile, she still loves improving herself in any that she can to be a better music educator. She attended many workshops and short courses influenced by music pedagogy school of thought such as Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff. Recently, she also obtained a Level 1 course accreditation from the Australian Orff-Schulwerk Association.

In her many pursuits for learning, she has learn to play amateur drums, flute, guitar and ukulele. In 2016, she started learning the cello under the tutelage of Ms Aileen Khoo and will take her first exam this year in 2018. To also fill the need and serve her home church, she is also learning the bass guitar independently.

As a freelance effort and maintaining other musical skills, she also offers her services in music arrangement, transcription and recording on Fiverr. You may also find other personal projects in her YouTube. To contact her directly, you may email her at cherylynmusic@gmail.com or at her Facebook page. 

This WordPress site serves a portfolio of sorts and info sharing.

For more music related services, check out my Fiverr profile:



you can contact me here for more inquiries: cherylynmusic@gmail.com




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